At this time we are looking to complete as much of Mythic Highmaul as possible before Blackrock Foundry is released. That being said please understand that we are looking for people with mythic experience or at least at a 660 minimum IL with 7/7 Heroic cleared and 1-2/7 Mythic at the very least.

OPEN RECRUITMENT:                   LIMITED RECRUITMENT:                                           CLOSED RECRUITMENT:
Melee DPS                                         Ranged DPS/Healers
Club Ricky is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that runs SUN/TUES/THURS from 8:00-11:00 PST We are always looking for well rounded players of all classes with exceptional game and class mechanic knowledge. Even if your class is not listed please feel free to apply.

Club Ricky started as a group of friends playing games together for more than ten years and has traveled through multiple platforms and games together, always with World of Warcraft as a core focus. In addition to being competitive for server firsts in WoW we have many members who play MOBAS at competitive levels (DotA II, HotS, and LoL) and we enjoy the occasional and often addicting steam flavor of the month games.


Any application will be strongly considered by any applicant who can demonstrate exceptional game and class mechanic knowledge. If you think this applies to you and you do not see your class listed please apply, raid slots are earned based on skill not tenure. 

                       “NO, Something given has no value...”  LT. Rasczak- Starship Troopers